Not sure about beauty products you're using? Ask mader

VIBRANT, colorful eye shadows are in while dark, earthy eye shadows are out. Hair and beauty guru Ricky Reyes recommends greens, blues, lilacs and pinks
for women with fair complexions, while morenas can opt for light gold or warm copper: complete the look with a matching lip color.

Reyes also reveals more makeup tips:
Foundation is still basic. Foundation evens out of the complexion,covers flaws, and can even your skintone. Apply foundation by starting in the center of your face,
blending outward and down to the neck.

Lipstick tricks.
You don't need to resort to collagen to achieve fuller lips. Apply a light, matte lip color to the center of your out and add your final lipstick on the top to create illusion of fullness. You can also "extend" your lips by drawing lipliner just along the border fo your lip, using a lip brush to blend to the line down onto the lips, drawing the center to catch the light at the curve of the lips.

On the brands:
Do not confine yourself to just on brand of makeup, because each brand will only have a couple of really good colors, while the rest are there to complete the palette. Also, do not be afraid to use local cosmetics, there are lot of good products by local makeup brands.